Baldur’s Gate III

Baldur’s Gate III comes from a long line of Dungeons & Dragons computer games. BG3 has been the recipient of numerous awards already, and it’s only recently been released. I originally played the game while it was in early access on Steam, and I’ve only just gotten around to starting the full release recently. I’ve been hooked since I started my new run.

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While the old games were based on the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons system, BG3 is based on the modern 5e system, which makes it far more beginner-friendly. The previous games were entirely top-down as well, and this new installment actually allows you to move the camera with much more freedom. You’re still limited to a “standard” party of four characters, but you have all the freedom that the D&D TTRPG offers when you build your character. The other three members of your party will be made up from numerous available characters you’ll meet in your adventures. Currently, there is an exploit that will allow you to play with a full party of your custom character creations, I would expect that will get patched soon enough.

Graphically, the game is marvelous. The world is rich and vibrant and the models leave nothing to be desired here. Audio is on point and the music is amazing. (Bonus points to the devs for making the soundtrack available as part of the deluxe package as well!)

All-in-all, a game definitely worth a purchase. It’s available on Steam, Epic, PSN, and GOG.