Io Base Beta

Hackmanite, Project 2 (H002)

Status: Ongoing

Io Base Beta is a sci-fi first person shooter game project being developed by 6FPS Games. The map is loosely inspired in concept by a Duke Nukem 3D map names “Moonbase Beta” by Robert Travis.

Io Base Beta is being developed on Unreal Engine 5.1.

Testing Downloads

There are currently no public downloads available. If you are a tester and need to recover your build, please contact TrueKam on Discord or via email.

Upcoming Changes

Work is progressing on the minimum viable product (MVP) for a demo. Once a release gets closer, a status of upcoming changes will be published for monitoring.


  • Design, Development, Project Management
    • TrueKam
  • Testing
    • (Tester List Not Public)