The Cursed Crown

Hackmanite, Project 1 (H001)
Repository hosted on GitLab

Status: Indefinite Hold

The Cursed Crown is a third person adventure game being created by 6ps Studios. Development began in late 2018 and is being worked on entirely by TrueKam.

Cursed Crown is being developed on the Unity Engine.

Testing Downloads

Please be aware that these downloads are provided for convenience and do not represent a final vision or version of the game. New features are being added constantly.

Windows Build:

  Cursed Crown 0.6.0α (Windows) (242.8 MiB, 139 hits)

WebGL Build:

  Cursed Crown 0.6.0α (WebGL) (238.5 MiB, 143 hits)

Upcoming Changes

0.7.0α Progress

Estimated Release Date: Unknown

Invector Character Controller Upgrade:

Gliding Experiments:



  • Design, Development, Project Management
    • TrueKam
  • Testing
    • Chikadee2k3
    • GiggityGecko
    • KillBill
    • Reith
    • SnooopyChick
    • Suvd
    • Throttle