As someone who takes their privacy seriously, I am someone who will take your privacy seriously. I will make my best effort to keep your information and browsing secret. To do this, I will follow a few simple rules for this web site:

  1. No general user shall be required to have an account at this site for general browsing.
  2. I will not knowingly install any trackers, malware, spam, or other content on this site. (This also includes things like “Leave a Like!,” “Log in with Google,” or “Tweet This” buttons.)
  3. The website will not be reduced in functionality in any way if a user browses with privacy-based browsers or plugins.
    1. Some minor non-privacy-related conditions may apply. For example, if a user is blocking all popup pages, there may be an issue if a post’s media gallery tries to show a larger version of an image after clicking. None of these conditions may violate points 1. or 2. above.

If you want to check whether any of these rules have been broken, scan this website using an online tool such as Blacklight by The Markup. (Opens in a new tab/window.) There are probably other ones as well that I don’t know about, but if you want to see any other included in the list, please let me know on Reddit. (Opens in a new tab/window.)