Cursed Crown Rewrite

After much deliberation and experimentation, I’ve decided to rewrite The Cursed Crown from essentially the ground up. To those of you who have played the most recent alpha version, thank you for your work and your valuable feedback, and I apologize for the delay.

From alpha 0.7.0 to alpha 0.8.0, I wanted to upgrade the free version of the Invector character controller to the full version to incorporate damage, inventory, melee and projectile combat, swimming, and free climbing. I thought that the upgrade would be a simple drop-in-place and tweak a few things. Instead, it basically crippled the entire project. The full version of the controller touches so many things that, in essence, all the things that I’ve already completed need to be rewritten.

I’m left with a choice between “fixing” everything I’ve already written, or starting with the Invector controller and importing my project piece-by-piece and incorporating fixes in small chunks as problems arise. I’ve chosen the latter.

I’ll keep everyone updated with progress.