Author: TrueKam

  • Terraria

    Steam (Originally posted December 31st, 2013) Verdict: Recommended after 421.5 hours of playtime. (Currently 534.1 hours) Many hours of side-scrolling mining and building fun. I put 200+ hours into this game long before the 1.2 patch was ever announced. The developer has graciously presented us with a long-overdue patch that adds numerous new features, items […]

  • Dungeon Defenders

    Steam (Originally posted January 2nd, 2013) Verdict: Recommended after 23.6 hours of playtime. (Currently 78.4 hours) This is a great game for LAN parties. Classic tower defense meets third-person action/shooter with tongue-in-cheek humor and fast-paced gameplay.

  • Oblivion: The Elder Scrolls IV

    Steam (Originally posted December 27th, 2011.) Verdict: Recommended after 26.2 hours of playtime. (Currently 50.5 hours on Steam. Note that I played this game for hundreds of hours prior to owning it on Steam.) What can be said about Oblivion that hasn’t already been said? The game is huge and immersive, allowing players to play […]

  • DOTA 2

    Steam (Original review posted November 26th, 2013) Verdict: Recommended after 29.9 hours of playtime. (Currently 586.2 hours.) Dota 2 is an awesome modern addition to the MOBA genre. It’s balanced, fast-paced, and above all, fun. The community seems to be much more mature and helpful than the commmunities surrounding some of the other MOBAs on […]

  • Game Reviews Incoming

    Most of you know that I have an extensive collection of video games across multiple formats and systems. I’ve been trying to offer my opinions on these games as I play then through Steam, but I thought that maybe putting them here would be nice as well. After all, Steam it’s a great way to […]

  • The Cursed Crown

    It was decided quite some time ago that work was to be halted on the existing prototype of The Cursed Crown and begin on a functional alpha. That work has been progressing, albeit fairly slowly. After all, I’m only one person and trying to create a game with its own world and ethos is tiring […]

  • GoS Introduction

    Hello everyone, TrueKam here! It’s been quite some time since a new game of Dungeons and Dragons was played around here. Phracia was generous enough (or tired enough of waiting) to offer to DM Ghosts of Saltmarsh for us. It’s an entirely new story and none of us know anything about what to expect. We […]

  • Testing Self-Hosting Videos

    I’m looking to get away from YouTube and Twitch for video hosting, and I’m experimenting by adding some old videos to 6fpsNetwork here. So far, I’ve created (I hope!) two playlists: The Ultimate Doom and Knee Deep in ZDoom. Check them out and let me know if there are any problems.

  • Cursed Crown Rewrite

    After much deliberation and experimentation, I’ve decided to rewrite The Cursed Crown from essentially the ground up. To those of you who have played the most recent alpha version, thank you for your work and your valuable feedback, and I apologize for the delay. From alpha 0.7.0 to alpha 0.8.0, I wanted to upgrade the […]

  • Now Playing: Pokemon Let’s Go: Eevee

    Pokemon Let’s Go: Eevee I’m taking a break from my way-too-long-to-be-healthy backlog (57% of 2,404 games on Steam, yikes.) of games due to getting a copy of one of the new Pokemon games around Christmas this year. I haven’t completed the game yet, but I’m having more fun that I expected to. When I first […]