Hello everyone, TrueKam here!

It’s been quite some time since a new game of Dungeons and Dragons was played around here. Phracia was generous enough (or tired enough of waiting) to offer to DM Ghosts of Saltmarsh for us. It’s an entirely new story and none of us know anything about what to expect.

We decided to roll up some new characters, and we all stepped a little bit out of our comfort zones on this one.

  • Kibou, the Winged Tiefling Warlock of the Celestial, played by TrueKam
  • Faustina, the Sea Elf Monk, played by Chikadee
  • Vicstaer, the Half (High) Elf Shadow Sorcerer, played by Gecko

I’ve played a warlock briefly before, but I thought that by focusing primarily on healing and utility instead of just being a stereotypical “blastlock,” I would be able to learn a new play style. I’ve never done a support character in a game like this before. Having wings helps, too.

Chikadee has never played a monk before. While she’s played magic users and melee fighters before, having the ability to manage ki points to harness extra attacks and focusing more on dexterity and movement than on strength and simply shrugging off blows promises to be an interesting new challenge.

Gecko has played a primarily magic-focused character before in a one-shot, but hasn’t grown and developed one from level one yet. By playing a sorcerer, he has the opportunity to play a magic user that can manage spell points to create a character that he’s never played before.

And I’m going to also do one other thing that is just outside of my comfort zone: I’m going to try to document the adventure. My idea is to tell the story of the adventure through the eyes of my character, Kibou. I’ve never been particularly great at writing, so I hope some leeway will be afforded me in practicing a skill that I’m not already an expert at. And though it should go without saying: this series of writings will be potentially rife with spoilers. I don’t know what the future will hold yet. Heck, Kibou might not even live very long. There were a couple places that were touch and go even in the first session.

We’re currently looking at a monthly gaming session, though the schedule is currently not set in stone. I am moving house in about a month, though, so February’s game may not even happen depending on schedules. Keep an eye on this space if you’re interested in reading about the exploits and adventures of Kibou the Warlock!

Keep on gaming, everyone!