Mordekainen’s Tome of Foes (5e)

So, one of the things that I’ve always searched for with my Dungeons and Dragons adventures is a compendium of new monsters. My players all know the basics: kobolds, beholders, dragons, and even the Tarrasque. I want them to face things without the meta knowledge of how many hit points this thing in front of them will have, or what abilities it can use, or even what its weaknesses and resistances are. I’ve used Fifth Edition Foes from Necromancer Games, Tome of Beasts from Kobold Press, and had much luck with some variety from Volo’s Guide to Monsters from Wizards of the Coast.

I always enjoy new first party works from Wizards due to the high production value and the awesome quality that goes into the works. (Don’t get me wrong, the third party sourcebooks are still great, they just feel like they lack something usually.) So it goes without saying that I’ve been looking forward to Mordekainen’s Tome of Foes since it was announced. I”m not in possession of an advance copy or any knowledge more than the rest of you, but I’d love to hear what rumors and information is out there and your opinions on it.

We do know that the book will be “256 pages.” I’m going to assume that means including the legal stuff, the introductions, and the index at the end. Let’s roughly think that there will be about 230 pages of content. If it’s really all just new foes and variants of them, and we can assume an average of two pages per enemy, we can expect more than 100 new enemies to throw at our players. This would be nice, if I do say so myself.

Expect a review when the book is officially released on May 29th! I’ll take a few minutes on my #SaturdayStream that week to discuss the content and give you my totally semi-professional opinion. I look forward to everyone being there!

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