Trying Something New

Hello and welcome back everyone!

Chikadee and I will be playing a new game tonight for the Saturday Stream. It’s called Tales of Escape [Steam] and it simulates an escape room experience. Neither of us have VR, but the game states that it works on a traditional setup as well.  We’re planning to go live around 4:30pm EST and plan to play Tales of Escape for a couple of hours at least. After that, I have a couple other games in mind to try, and we’ll see what kind of time we have for them.

But here’s what I’m going to do that’s new tonight: I’m going to let you, the viewers, decide how long I stream. For every $25 of donations received while we stream, I’ll add 30 minutes to the amount of time I stream tonight. For sanity’s sake, I’ll cap it at six hours of extra time that I stream. Also note that 50% of all donations received will be going to charity. Tonight’s chosen charity is Doctors Without Borders. What this means is that, with some donations, we can give up to $150 to Doctors Without Borders tonight!

The page for making donations is here. I’ll check donations when we begin streaming and any donations made between now and the end of the stream will count toward extending the length of the stream.

I hope I’ll see all of you tonight! Until then, keep on gaming!
~ TrueKam

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